What Are the 5 Best Linux Distros?

If you are already an Arch user, you can install BlackArch atop your existing installation by using a special shell script. The main feature of the distro is its huge collection of tools, numbering over 2800, many of which you wouldn’t find in any of the other distros. We’ve also featured the best online cybersecurity courses and the best lightweight Linux distros. From there, we look at ongoing support, frequency of updates, and expansion options where available. We delve into each developer’s site to assess the distro’s documentation and seek out any official online communities to see how active they are. A Linux distro, or distribution to use its full name, is an operating system built around the Linux kernel.

  • Perhaps the biggest factor for Kali’s popularity is the project’s ample documentation, both on and off the project’s website.
  • Learn Linux at Udemy
  • Even though the number of users/developers utilizing it has significantly decreased, it is still a fantastic choice for advanced users.
  • The UI resembles that of macOS, and things have evolved with newer updates.

In some aspects, the Ubuntu Server edition is just as popular as the desktop version. Ubuntu produces both LTS and non-LTS releases of the server just as with the desktop. The latest LTS https://remotemode.net/become-a-linux-network-engineer/ release will be supported for 10 years until 2032. You can install Raspbian OS to an SD card via the Raspberry Pi website’s “Imager” tool, which is available for Windows, Mac and LInux.

Dell Systems

The main website also has extensive documentation to help you get to grips with the OS. Open Media Vault (OMV) is a Debian-based distro that’s designed to convert an old unused computer (or even a Raspberry Pi) into a network-attached storage (NAS) solution. While there are several other gaming distros for Linux, what makes Pop! _OS unique is that it ships with all the necessary plumbing for gamers.

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The 6 Best Linux Distros for Network Engineers.

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The distro has an active community on social media where you can interact with them on any related topic or queries. Users porting from Windows or macOS will find this Nitrux very easy to use as it is specially developed for new users. Nitrux comes with support for AppImages, which makes the task of installing new apps easier.

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Decide what you want to achieve with Linux, and use that as a basis for your distro research. This may be because its available with a number of easy to navigate desktop environments. The default is GNOME but there are variations like Kubuntu which use KDE. The installation wizard is very simple and you can try out the “OS” in live mode.

  • Though it is energy efficient, Lubuntu is a powerful Linux distro since it is based on Ubuntu’s latest release.
  • In addition, you have “Core”, “Education” & “Ultimate” editions.
  • The list will keep expanding, but for now let’s discuss how you can get your hands on a Linux box with as little cost as possible.
  • You could stay on the cutting edge of RHEL by using Fedora, or even give SUSE a try by using OpenSUSE.
  • Another good option is Debian, which is also fairly easy to use and comes with a large number of high-quality networking applications.

This is helpful as the main website doesn’t contain a dedicated user manual or support pages. The best approach would be to use either an old laptop and install Debian based Linux on it or to buy a single board computer such as the Raspberry Pi. Having access to the actual hardware gives https://remotemode.net/ you the opportunity to “mess around” with more aspects of the system. The list will keep expanding, but for now let’s discuss how you can get your hands on a Linux box with as little cost as possible. There are a few free options if you are comfortable with working on the cloud.

Linux Lite

The system doesn’t support 32-bit architectures and is only available for 64-bit platforms. Known for its simple yet effective user interface powered by Pantheon, Elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It strives to be a capable and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS. Rocky Linux provides a user-friendly migration script that will ease switching to the distro. When a machine executes the migration script, it will change all of the previous operating system’s repositories to Rocky Linux.