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Our top handpicked developers, engineers, architects and designers. Try these 10 advanced Java code challenges to put your Java programming knowledge to the test. But as with any job in any field, salaries can range significantly from position to position.

Additionally, Java is the preferred language to leverage technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). All of these companies are offering salaries that are 40% – 60% above the national average. The Agile methodology helps in bifurcating a project into phases and seeks improvement and collaboration from all teams and the top management at every stage. C++ developers make about $108k/yr whereas Java developers make about $99k/yr. Average salary for a Java developer in the US is about $99,048/yr. Learn how different careers use AI to boost productivity and efficiency while saving time and effort.

Java Developer Salary by Location

Additionally, a team of developers can take a project to completion quickly. Entrepreneurs can also enjoy sound expertise and many years of combined experience. Recruiters can hire Java experts at cost-effective rates using YouTeam. Most of our developers come from IT hubs with low living costs, like Eastern Europe or Latin America. Additionally, each developer on our platform goes through multiple screening stages and interviews.

Salaries for Java Developers

While development teams come in all shapes and sizes, good development is almost always a collaborative process based on good communication. Since Java is both general-purpose and extremely flexible, Java developers can work on a broad range of projects. Spotify and Twitter are just some of the many Java applications you might use daily.

What is the Pay by Experience Level for Java Developers?

Java developers enjoy a very high demand — and it’s not too hard to find a good job with the right skills and experience. Almost anyone with the right skills can become a Java developer — even if you don’t already have professional software experience. Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to learn new skills, share your work, and find exciting opportunities from just about anywhere. Java developer salary entry level averages are no less than $41K in the United States, with the average senior Java developer salary exceeding $100K with 10+ years of experience.

  • Like many tech jobs, Java developer salaries are highest in states with major metropolitan hubs.
  • Recruiters can work with reliable agencies to hire pre-screened developers in a short time.
  • However, this data does come with the catch that to meet the standard of living in those countries, the given salaries are about sufficient.
  • However, their primary role is to design, develop, and manage apps built with Java.
  • The average Java developer salary is $99,048/yr in the United States according to Glassdoor.

Most programmers on our platform belong to Eastern Europe and Latin America. The two regions are now popular tech destinations to find leading IT talents. A programming language is how programmers communicate with computers using rules that help them comprehend and generate graphics, visuals, and machine codes. Some of the core programming languages are Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, etc. DevOps engineers earn an average of about $104k/yr and Java developers earn about $99k/yr.

Devs on Upskilling: What They’re Learning About & How They Make Time

It can also come in handy for developing web services and web applications. It is one of the oldest and most used resources to create software and applications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer employment is projected to grow 21% over the next decade, a much faster pace than average. As a developer, there are many benefits in addition to the salaries of Java programmers in the US. Each company has its own advantages, but here are some common benefits she enjoys as a Java developer in an IT company. Java developers earn a similar amount as developers of other legacy tech like C++ and .NET, with all three lying in the range of $100k-$110k/yr.

Salaries for Java Developers

If you use LinkedIn, be sure to complete your profile to showcase your projects and tell prospective employers that you’re looking for work. Though Java developers are well compensated, how do their salaries stack up against other types of developers? Let’s compare side-by-side with figures from, which reports an average full-stack Java developer salary of $106K. Mid-level developers are also expected to be more strategic team players and be able to devise innovative solutions independently. While you don’t necessarily need work experience here, most employers want proof that you’ve built something in Java and/or taken classes. While a university or college degree is the most promising way to get both, many passionate developers have earned their jobs by showcasing their work on a portfolio website.

Level of Education for Java Developer

By contrast, developers working in C or C++ need to “work close to the hardware” by carefully writing code specific to a device’s operating system or central processing unit (CPU). It can help to find a developer who has a similar previous experience. Along with the above, Java programmers should stay updated on the latest technologies and development trends. In addition, developers should be aware of web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. It will help them design interfaces and attend to the visual side of an app.

Salaries for Java Developers

On average, if you have more than 10 years of service, you will be paid twice the starting salary. Additionally, a Java developer with years of experience earns an annual salary for a Java Developer in USA of $126,000, which is 23% more than a developer with 5-10 years of experience. With an experience level of 15 to 20 years, the expected annual salary is $134,000, 6% higher than those with 10 to 15 years of experience. Finally, an employee with 20+ years of experience earns $147,000 a year. The senior Java Developer salary USA is 10% more than an employee with years of experience. While Java developers enjoy a high average salary, the exact amount depends on experience, location, and key skills.

Candidates should also be able to discuss their general experience and knowledge of Java. Where an application might have user-facing dashboards and interfaces (the frontend), the backend uses Java (or some other programming language) to provide its core functions. As you can probably already guess by now, Java developers usually work on the backend of the technology stack. Here are some of the major applications a Java developer will typically work on. As a result, Java can run on any device or operating system with the JVM installed. This gives Java developers a ton of flexibility, as they don’t need to worry about operating system-specific conventions or performance issues.

Another important role of a senior developer is mentoring trainees, interns, and junior developers. Whether they’re managing a whole project or just an individual (albeit large) part, senior developers are the “captains” of their respective ships. But software companies aren’t the only ones who hire Java developers. Many of the world’s leading technology companies hire Java developers to build and maintain their applications.