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  • A Sequoia Capital-Backed AI-Video Startup Raises Nearly $20 Million; Eight Startups Taking on Nvidia

    The State of generative AI: 6 charts on growth, adoption and development In late March, Sequoia hosted close to 100 of the leading minds of AI at its Mission Street offices for a one-day private conference it called Ascent. Sequoia partner Alfred Lin interviewed OpenAI founder Sam Altman in the morning and Nvidia CEO Jensen […]

  • The What, Why and Wow of Customer Service Automation

    Customer Service Automation: A Guide To Saving Time and Money on Support Learning Space by HelpDesk One way to do that is by reaching out to shoppers actively browsing your website. You could use a similar approach to automatically tag tickets with customer feedback, shipping issues, product malfunctions, and so on. Every customer support platform […]

  • 9 ways businesses use AI in customer service in 2023

    Examples of AI in Customer Service From Companies That Do It Right Artificial intelligence has already significantly changed customer service, and it’s become standard to at least be initially greeted by a bot or another form of AI when you contact a company. Grammarly, the AI grammar and spell check, offers a good example of […]

  • What is Natural Language Processing?

    Evaluating Deep Learning Algorithms for Natural Language Processing SpringerLink One of the trending debates is that of the differences between natural language processing and machine learning. This post attempts to explain two of the crucial sub-domains of artificial intelligence – Machine Learning vs. NLP and how they fit together. The standard CNN structure is composed […]

  • Building Your Chatbot: How to Design Flows

    Chatbot Design: 12 Tips For an Effective User-Bot Experience Developers, who are usually coming from a tech background, see adding a personality as a lot of difficult, extra work. Clients, on the other hand, are used to thinking in terms of websites and mobile apps and don’t understand the role that a chatbot’s personality plays. […]